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Raise the BARR, Coaching & Consulting

Raise the BARR, Coaching & Consulting is a boutique firm, working with individuals one-on-one, who are interested in career transition or career growth. We also partner with Training Professionals in midsized companies who are committed to improving employee’s performance, increasing productivity, and expanding personal development skills.

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What Our Clients are Saying...

After years of being stagnant, I found myself wanting more from my career and life. My time with Beverly Barr has proven to be effective both professionally and personally. As a coach, Beverly is inspirational, genuine and intentional. She helped me discover my passions, develop career goals, experience growth, and most-importantly recognize my own potential…

- Jennifer Cha

Associate Management Analyst, City of San Diego

I appreciate you so much! Throughout our work together, your person-centered, goal-oriented coaching motivated and inspired me to take confident, decisive action. I felt buoyed by your enthusiasm, and even more importantly, supported and encouraged by your clear and compassionate communication.

- Debra Roberts

I have owned my own business for over 15 years and have been approached many times about coaching with little interest. After meeting Beverly, I knew I wanted to take a chance at it. In the 3 month commitment I made with Beverly, I broke through a multi-year stagnant mindset I had created for myself. I reorganized my goals on a daily, weekly, yearly and long term basis. I reconnected with what motivated me and was able to get back to the place where I was excited again about what I was doing and where I was going. My numbers in signed contracts and new clients grew exponentially by the end of our 90 day coaching period. I would highly recommend Beverly to anyone if they are looking to reconnect with their inner fire and propel themselves to their greatest potential.

- Evan Tando